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The Georgian Period

by Liz Millman - 16:04 on 10 June 2019

If anyone had told me when I was at school that the Georgian Period would become my fascination, I would never have believed them! I didn't really like history!

Now I lose my self in reading anything and everything I can about the time.

1650 - 1713 is interesting enough, as British Seamen got braver and braver, beating the Spanish at times eg claiming Jamaica for the British Empire, with Atlantic piracy at its peak from 1690-1726

But the Georgian Period, 1714 - 1837, was amazing:

"This was a critical period, in which Britain left its Medieval past behind and emerged as a country in which commercial trade and wealth grew exponentially. It saw a shift away from monarchical power towards Parliamentary power and the start of what will become a wretched and expensive war with France. It was a period of revolution in Europe, immense poverty and terrible working conditions in Britain, which itself teetered on the brink of revolt."

To read more, check out: Intriguing History

Then its back to work! Researching on the terrible working conditions in Mid Wales at this time and later, taking in the Golden Age of Piracy and the Georgian Age within our project timeline! Great planning! 

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