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Letters of support

Many thanks for all the support that we received as we considered possibilies and created this opportunity to explore the hidden history of the Welsh Plains cottage industry. 

Bettina Harden MBE  MA - who set up and researched the brilliant HLF funded “Bitterweet” project carried out by the Gateway Trust - click here

Dr Chris Evans, Professor of History, from the University of South Wales and author of "Slave Wales: The Welsh and Atlantic Slavery 1660- 1850” who worked with Bettina Harden and first began to explore the story of “Welsh Plains” - cppy of letter of support here

Uzo Iwobi, CEO of Race Council Cymru and Dr Marian Gwyn, Head of Heritage, Race Council Cymru 

Gwenlli Haf, Owner of Amnis Translation

Rheinallt Ffoster Jones, Programme Manager of the People’s Collection of the Museum of Wales

Janet Lewis, Chair, MCRA Newtown Textile Museum Committee

Ann Whittall, Museum Manager, National Wool Museum

Elen Simpson, Senior Archivist, University of Bangor



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