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Our Trainers and Advisors are here to help

The Learning Links International team are working with an international consortium of organisations including the Museum of Wales, the People’s Collection, the Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Wales and the National Wool Museum, as well as the Institute of Jamaica and the Museum of Jamaica, and a range of  academics from the University of South Wales, Bangor University, the University of the West Indies and Grand Valley State University in the Southern States.

This wider project focusses on the use of Welsh Plains after all the effort of the production in rural Wales, exploring the long journey that Welsh Plains fabric that was produced in Mid Wales, made to the coast of West Africa or on to the plantations in the Caribbean and the Southern States.  We are identifying the many traders involved in the supply chain of fabric as part of the Transatlantic Slave Trade and the methods of transportation by land and sea. Then we will be looking at the uses for the fabric.

Community Research Volunteers are welcome to join in this exploration alongside local research.

The project team is supported as well with advisors from Newtown Textile Museum, the Welsh Place Name Society and Archivists who are taking a very active interest in what we are doing and very interested in what the project’s teams of Community Research Volunteers will find.

The Museum of Wales People’s Collection Team will be helping train us to build up and organise our research findings on the People’s Collection and will even offer accreditation. 


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